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An anthology of flash fiction
short pieces
   - "This should win a pulitzer prize, it is THAT good!"   - C.C.
More Flash Fiction
shorter pieces
   - "happy with it"   - C.C.
video lecture(
CreagCridhe Hypothesis on MultiDimensional Physics
Online news
World Wide news of the world
   - "nothing fancy just fast news"   - C.C.
Ditch exchange and improve your security
private shared
   - "Like shared calendars but private and online"   - C.C.
private messaging, social media without the shitty parts, just words no media
   - "just messaging without the social media downside"   - C. C.
repackaged flash fiction
Warrior Stories
   - "no emo"   - C.C.
eastern philosophies rule
one must write haiku
online RPG character sheets and diceroller
   - "exactly like character sheets but online"   - C. C.
A collection of my photographs.
   - "barely desktop background worthy"    - C.C.
Tales of the Tortured Valley, new improved high fantasy, now with color brightners!
Stealing the Snakes Eye
   - "It's still high fantasy, with dwarves and elves and shit"   - C. C.
   - "soothing meadow sounds. Now with 0 subscribers!"    - C.C.


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