The CreagCridhe Hypothesis on Multidimensional Space

The universe is made of only orthogonal dimensions. A dimension is a line of continuous values from negative infinity to positive infinity. The definition of infinity I am using is a number too large to count. This means that time is not sequential as we experience it, but exists all at once and forever. X,Y,Z, and time and every other of the potentially infinite number of dimensions all exist as lines of continuous values. These dimensions were all created at once and exist from negative infinity to infinity. All these dimensions are orthogonal to each other so they must necessarily meet at one point, which I am arbitrarily calling the zero point. This leads to a few strange ideas, one being that there can never be a precise value of a dimension. No matter how precise, even infinite precision, merely results in an infinitessimally small range of values, because a continuous line of values always has an infinite number of values between the endpoints of that value. No matter how good your testing devices, or mathematics you may get an increasingly precise number but never the one precise value. You drill down with infinite precision and you will still have an infinite number of values existing inside that value. In fact, between any two values on a dimensional line there is exactly always the same number of values, an infinite number of values, so scale is arbitrary and irrelevant in a dimension.

I have created...

What I have done is create a model of a universe in my head using this definition and a few assumptions, those assumptions are 1) relativity, 2) the big bang, 3) spacetime has the property it can warp, and 4) entropy generally increases in a closed system. In general this can be restated as always assume the simplest state. Assuming the simplest state is an important part of how this model works. This model I have created is an exact duplicate of our universe. One could argue a universe can be created in multiple ways, however the act of creation itself is the ultimate unlikely event. If we are trying to build a universe assuming simplicity, limiting the acts of creation is important. Again, this means time is not sequential, it is a continuous line of values from negative infinity to infinity.

Hoop Straight and Curved

I have created a number of thought experiments to act as metaphors to understand multidimensional space. The first one is the hoop. You have a ball, like a death star or a moon, small enough to walk around easily. This is a mesh, you also have a two dimensional image, a plane, and it wraps around the ball, but is still two dimensional, even though it is now curved in three dimensional space. Beings existing in two dimensions on this image, this two dimensional plane that is now the curved surface of the small moon, don't understand it is curved now in multidimensional space. It is still a two dimensional universe to them. If we stand on a red target on this image, wrapped on this ball, and walk a red line in a straight line without turning or reversing, we will eventually end up at the same spot facing the same direction. As three dimensional creatures we understand how this happens, and how it works is simple geometry, however the two dimensional creatures on the surface don't understand their universe is curved in multidimensional space and would be entirely confused at this. A line can be straight and curved in multidimensional space.

Apple Not Real

Another surprising way to think about the universe, is it doesn't really exist as we experience it. Think of an apple, we think of it as solid, we hold it, squeeze it, eat it, however it is in actuality mostly empty space. It is actually made of neutrons and protons and electrons and these are made of other smaller things. These are all extremely small in comparison to the size of the apple molecules, what mostly an atom is made of, is empty space. We don't perceive it as empty space, it seems solid to us. When we touch it, it feels solid, but all we are really feeling is the repellent nuclear force pushing the apple atoms away from the atoms in our fingers. We have only ever touched forcefields. And we don't even see the apple really, we are processing light that reflects off the apple into the lenses of our eyes, which hit the optic nerve and are transferred into ones and zeros, pops and nots, that our brains process into images. The apple is not solid as we experience it, it is mostly empty space. In the same way particles do not exist as solid things, but are oscillations in spacetime. More on that later.

Opie and Andy

Opie and Andy are walking down a road. At the end of the road is a placid pond, in which Opie throws a rock and creates waves. Now imagine a two dimensional plane that exists at the surface of the pond and this plane is a two dimensional universe with two dimensional creatures at least as smart as us living in it. They see water molecules and see they are plenitful, then gone, then plentiful, then gone, but have no idea what is happening because they do not understand that the Z dimension creates a three dimensional space that Opie and Andy exist inside, they cannot comprehend this space since they are two dimensional creatures. They see these water molecules in different alignments, vertically first an oxygen molecule passes through their two dimensional universe, then it disappears and they see molecular bonds, then hydrogen atoms. Or the see it flat and the oxygen, hydrogen, and bonds all at once. Or they see it at a different vertical atitude and see an oxygen and one hydrogen, they disappear, then another hydrogen appears. They know these things are linked somehow but in their failure to understand three dimensional space they cannot understand the relastionships that exist. Now imagine that horizontal atitude, vertical atitude and height through their two dimensional universe correlates to spin, color and strange. Perhaps spin, color and strange are dimensions that create a three dimensional space in which objects exist that can then pass through our xyz universe in the same way those water molecules are floating through the two dimensional universe.

Jack Classy

Jack Classy is a two dimensional stick figure, he exists on a piece of paper on the xy plane and z=0 is a paper with Jack, z=1 his foot is forward, this is a flip book. In this flip book, Jack Classy is walking along and sees a ice cream cone someone has thrown on the ground, and he picks it up and eats it, because if you're classy you don't waste ice cream. To Jack, Z is sequential, just like time is to us. At z=13, Jack sees the ice cream cone, at z=16 Jack ceases to exist. You can go in to his universe and try and explain to Jack that Z isn't sequential at all, that in fact it is the same as X and Y and creates a three dimensional space, Jack would have no idea what you are talking about. To him Z is sequential and is a vector in the forward direction. Just like time is to us, a vector in the forward direction at one second per second.

Gelatinous Cube

Build these thought experiments in your head, don't just read it, or listen to me say it, actually build these worlds in your head, and I think it will help you understand how to model a universe in your thought experiments. Imagine a universe in your head in which nothing exists. NullSpace. Now NullSpace is in fact the simplest state that could exist, so if we are assuming the simplest state the universe should be only NullSpace, however this is not the case. Creation happened and NullSpace, if it ever existed, exists no more. However we can create it in our minds. NullSpace isn't black, or dark, there is nothing. The complete absence of all things. If you are a graphic artist imagine a transparent background instead of black or white. Now in this NullSpace, create three dimensions. We are three dimensional creatures so lets just create three to make it easy for us to understand. So you have X,Y,and Z and lets bind them at zero and one for ease of understanding. Now you have NullSpace, in which nothing exists, and you have this cube made of only orthogonal dimensions, that clearly exists where NullSpace doesn't. Now give this cube the assumption that it can warp and when you move this cube it giggles. There are pressure waves moving around in it, it is a thing, even though it is only made of orthogonal dimensions.

No Particles

We want there to be particles. We want a medium to made of things, little bits in there like pressure waves in water, the water is made of molecules. This is not necessary for our universe to exist. Imagine our gelatinous cube we created as a three dimensional universe, we popped a big bang in the center and pressure waves bounced all over. In the time sequential universe we created, with enough time and energy this will create eventually a space that has had every point inside oscillate due to the original big bang. Now upscale this to infinite dimensions, and in every dimension these oscillations could be propogating. This will create a complexity great enough to account for our entire universe. Imagine a point in this universe has a standing wave of oscillations develop, not just in xyz and time but perhaps in an infinite number of dimensions, we might perceive this oscillating spacetime as a lepton, or other particle. Every particle is actually just spacetime oscillations. Our universe only consists of orthogonal dimensions and these dimensions create a multidimensional space that has the property it can warp, this makes a medium, the oscillations of which we perceive as various particles in our universe, including planets and suns.

Why Infinite Dimensions

Creation is the ultimate unlikely event. If we are assuming the simplest state always, then we should limit the number of creation events to one if possible. This hypothesis is saying there was only one creation event, all the dimensions were created at once. If one says a finite number of dimensions were created, then an act of creation is necessary but then something else has to happen to stop those dimensions from being created. Either each one was created independently, then four minimum creations, or a finite number where created then another unlikely event stopped that process. I am saying the simplest state, an infinite number of dimensions were created in one event.

Creation and Expansion

The Big Bang also happened at the same time. Now let's call the framework where the dimensions are infinite orthogonal lines, DeSitter space, and the universe we inhabit that is bound in dimensions as CFT space. This CFT space exploded out of the singularity that expanded out to create our universe. A singularity has diameter=0, surface area=0, and volume=0. When it expands out, the insides stretch out, imagine a pea expanding into a beach ball with the insides of bubble gum, and it stretches and some clumps hold and other times there are voids. Maybe these voids are where dimensions are not expressed in our CFT space, or maybe all dimensions are expressed here. If there are some dimensions missing, this would explain why. Now imagine one of these clumps that hang on is XYZ and that is why there are bound similarly, and another clump is time and that is how it is bound differently to us in CFT space that XYZ are. After expansion, the outside of our CFT universe must still be a singularity and centered on the zero point but must still be a singularity with diameter=0, surface area=0 and volume=0. This is fine in multidimensional space as the geometry allows the insides to expand out into multidimensional space. One can think of this expansion out into multidimensional space like popcorn exploding out of a kernel.

Time Bound and Other Waves

Time is bound as a vector to us, in the forward direction at one second per second. I want to just define time, to make it easier to plug in to the model, and this seems to work just fine. Let's define time as this line of continuous values, and in CFT it is bound in a predictable and even way, as tick marks on the dimensional line from zero. Now graph this against all other dimensions (other dimensional space), and a line can be drawn where we experience these even ticks differently. In other words, extra dimensions makes it possible for us to experience a second longer or shorter depending on the density of the gravity in which we are inside. We can think of gravity being denser at the surface of the Earth and less dense in the ionosphere. Now I used gravity and density here but neither of these are good ways to describe it, since spacetime is one thing. We talk about spacetime waves, what we are really talking about are spacetime waves along the time dimension. But since there are other dimensions (perhaps 4 or infinite), there must be spacetime waves traveling along the other dimensions as well. There must also be reverse time spacetime waves. Hopefully, the doplar effect will be evident in spacetime waves along the time dimension, and it might also be true that time is not conserved in a spacetime wave in the same way pressure is not conserved in a water wave, or EMF is not conserved in light waves through spacetime. If this is the case we should be able to detect reverse time spacetime waves.

Big Bang Only Non-Ordered Event

The universe only needs one non-ordered energetic event to exist exactly as we see it today. The big bang happened and no other energy is needed to create the entire complexity of our universe, just incredibly complex spacetime oscillations in every dimension forward and reverse directions traveling through the universe all at once, since time is a dimension and not sequential. This means everything except the Big Bang is determinable. Nothing is random except the Big Bang. EMF/CMB cannot contain any randomness since EMF did not exist at the Big Bang. Only spacetime waves from the initial big bang will contain randomness.

Natural Curvature of Space

Let's think again about a dimension being a line of values from negative infinity to infinity. Now the definition of infinity I am using is a number too large to count, which is unsigned. If we draw a line of a dimension and start at zero, the zero point being the initial location of CFT space, with a line going out in both negative and forward directions towards a number too large to count. If we think of this infinity as one number, then this realizes a hoop, or unclosed circle, or it closes at infinity if you like. In other words, these dimensions can be thought of as being curved with infinity and zero exactly opposite. As our earlier hoop though experiment hopefully showed us all, a straight line can be curved in multidimensional space just fine.

EMF == matter/mass == gravity == spacetime warpage

Relativity says matter and EMF are equivalent. And we know that gravity and spacetime warpage are the same. Some may argue that gravity is a force or field that warps space but there is no evidence of this. There is no evidence that matter warps space. We know that spacetime warpage happens around matter. We use gravity to measure spacetime warpage, but this is a measure and not a force or field. I am defining gravity as the average spacetime oscillations at a point or area. We can imagine a gravition exists, and we can measure it but I am saying this is just another kind of spacetime oscillation. Neither matter nor gravity warps spacetime, spacetime warpage is just spacetime oscillations. A kind of standing wave of spacetime oscillations occurs in our CFT universe and we experience this as a lepton. A different kind of standing wave and we see a different fundamental particle. The moon is not being acted on by any force, it is rolling along on curving spacetime from some previous energetic event using Newtonian mechanics very simply. The spacetime it is traveling along is curved around the earth and moving outwards very slowly. I am defining gravity as the average spacetime oscillations occuring at a point or area. This is also what matter and all particles are, just differently oscillating sections of spacetime.

Extra dimension eV

Where could these extra dimensions be in our CFT universe? First let's look at time, it is bound in a certain way, as a vector in the forward direction, and if it is not bound in that specific way, our universe ceases to exist. Because EMF is the attractive nuclear force, and is also a change in values over time. So if time ceases to be bound in a way that allows a change in value over time, then EMF simply ceases to exist. Now there are also a number of fundamental universal constants that like time if their values change the universe ceases to exist. One of these is the charge of the electron. Interestingly, this value has never had a specific value found for it, only a range. We are pretty good at detecting charge, even so, still can't pin that down. Remember, if a dimension is a continuous line of values, then it cannot have one precise value. So perhaps the charge of the electron is a possible candidate for a dimension in our CFT space. I would think collisions in a particle accelerator would warp this value, and we should be able to detect this with our current technology.

Extra dimension pi

Another possible candidate for a dimension is pi. Pi is the ratio of a two dimensional circle's circumference to its diameter. For a two dimensional circle to be flat this number must be a specific value, however we have never found this value. With our technology and mathematics we keep getting more and more precise but never hit that one value. Which is exactly what I would predict if Pi was a dimension. Ratio's being dimensions is fine, there are other ratio's that make up the fundamental universal constants, in fact the speed of light can be thought of as a ratio of distance over time. I would propose that this is actually in effect the maximum speed of the universe and should not be referred to as the speed of light. Other things go the same speed, and the weirdness we associat with light might very well be weirdness only from the binding of time, which is part of the ratio that makes that value.

Unified Field

We have had a unified field for quite some time since gravity is not a field or force. EMF was combined with the nuclear forces and this is the only field or force in our CFT universe. Gravity doesn't warp spacetime, matter doesn't warp spacetime. Spacetime warpage occurs and we experience it as gravity or a particle but all that is really there are spacetime oscillations. Gravity isn't affecting our moon, it is traveling in a straight line on curved spacetime using simple Newtonian mechanics. The spacetime is curved around the Earth, and moving away slowly. These are all spacetime oscillations occurring across all dimensions and setting up standing wave patterns and other complex waveform interactions. I am defining gravity (and mass and matter) as the average spacetime oscillations at a point or area.

Dark Matter

Current thinking is, I believe, that the universe exists at current time, and used to exist at current time minus one. And somehow it will disappear at current time when it expires. I am saying time is a dimension just like x,y,z and our universe exists at every point on the time dimensional line that exists in our CFT universe. This extra warpage of spacetime is explained by geometry, just add up all the three dimensional universe we experience, in all of its infinite instances along the time dimensional line, you will find all the extra spacetime warpage there. There are an infinite number of values between negative infinity and infinity, so take all the spacetime warping mass of our three dimensional universe multiplied by an infinite number of instances side-by-side on the time dimensional line and sum up all that spacetime warping objects to determine how much all spacetime is warped all along the time dimension. And remember there could be potentially infinite other dimensions and there could be objects in these dimensional spaces that also are warping spacetime. These could be positive or negative warping objects. Then we have to zero in on just the spacetime warping in our infinitessimally thin section on the time dimensional line of our three and possibly more dimensional universe. This is where all the spacetime warping mass is located. Remember I am saying this mass is spacetime oscillations that we are experiencing as matter.


Imagine our two dimensional universe into which Opie threw a rock. Instead of water molecules floating through their universe, imagine a large iron ring, vertical and passing through the two dimensional universe at its midpoint. The two dimensional creatures would see two circles separated by distance, potentially vast distance, that when the iron ring is struck, ring together as if quantumly linked. Entanglement is easy to explain if you accept the geography of multidimensional space.

Quantum Weirdness

Sometimes a fundamental particle will appear in space out of nowhere, then disappear or be replaced by a different particle. All sorts of strange explanations have been forwarded for this observed behavior. But with this hypothesis it is a simple thing to understand, simply from the geometry of multidimensional space. Remember our two dimensional universe into which Opie threw a rock, the water molecules floating through their universe, but replace those hydrogen and oxygen atoms with some other strange object in spin,color,strange space. Or perhaps some other weird space with other and across more dimensions. We can understand three dimensional spaces, so I have used them here for ease of understanding, but there is nothing saying there couldn't be spaces with more dimensions defining them in which objects could exist that could affect our universe in xyz. These other-dimensional objects could form strange collections akin to molecules in our xyz universe, with their own rules for connecting like our covalent bonds. Perhaps when one of these objects travels through our universe it looks like a lepton, then it changes to some other particle in a predictable pattern, and then seeming to disappear.

Spacetime Wave propogation through empty space

Another interesting thing explained with this hypothesis, is how spacetime waves can travel through the empty space between the nucleus and electron shells of an atom. There are no particles there, so how does it transmit the information of the spacetime wave across this gap? With this hypothesis it is due to the geometry of multidimensional space. There is spacetime between the nucleus and electron shells. This spacetime is made of only orthogonal dimensions and creates a multidimensional space through which the spacetime wave travels through. The nucleus and the electron shell are only arbitrarily different than the space between them to the spacetime wave since the medium it is traveling through has no particles but is simply made of orthogonal dimensions. So the spacetime wave is not traveling through the electron or neutrons. It is traveling through spacetime, and sometimes there are average spacetime oscillations that to us appear to be an electron, sometimes there are average spacetime oscillations that to us appear to be neutrons and sometimes that spacetime might have no oscillations. To the spacetime wave, it doesn't matter if it is traveling through an electron shell, empty space or the nucleus. It travels, along time we talking specifically, and hits the spacetime medium that has the average spacetime oscillations of an electrons shell. The spacetime wave doesn't care, it is irrelevant to the wave, only the medium matters, spacetime is made of only orthogonal dimensions, and at this point in the medium there are oscillations. The spacetime wave strecthes that spacetime, and the oscillations stay the same, but stretch into multidimensional space. Which is fine, this expansion into multidimensional space is perfectly acceptable due to the geometry of multidimensional space. Then the wave goes through the gap, in which there are no or fewer spacetime oscillations. Then hits the nucleus and stretches it into multidimensional space and then it travels onward. To the spacetime wave, the three states it traveled through are not any different.

Universal Background Gravity

It may be possible that there is no one point in our CFT space that has no spacetime oscillations. Remember our gelatinous cube universe, with the big bang that sends pressure waves out. If that energy is powerful enough then eventually every point in the gelatinous cube will have some pressure oscillation happening. This could be happening in our CFT universe as well. This means the Universal Background Gravity could be non-zero. It could be negative or positive. This has no relation to the Cosmic Microwave Background which is EMF. Universal Background Gravity is the minimum spacetime oscillations anywhere in the CFT universe. This means the gravity from our sun goes to zero eventually. But we do not know this for sure. Now Universal Background Gravity exists, no one can argue it doesn't exist because it does exist. Those that want to debate this are only debating that the Universal Background Gravity is zero. Which it might be, however this is just a guess that everyone just decided to accept. We are very good at guessing so it very well might be zero, but we need to verify that experimentally. It seems more common sense to me it would be non-zero, or will be eventually.

Homogenous Nature of Spacetime in CFT Space

We also have assumed there is a homogenous nature to the Universal Background Gravity and that has never been shown. There could be huge areas of our universe that have not only a non-zero Universal Background Gravity, but a non-homogenous nature to this Universal Background Gravity. Again, gravity is the average spacetime oscillations of a point or area. The matter in our universe is not homogenous, since galactic superclusters exist, so it seems wise to assume the spacetime itself is not homogenous across the universe.

Dark Energy

Either of these could radically change the red-shift effect seen in our universe's expansion. Before we can say whether Dark Energy exists, first we must map the Universal Background Gravity. Since the light we are seeing redshifted could very well be traveling through space with non-zero Universal Background Gravity.

CFT Stretch or Fog of War

Imagine our CFT universe at the instant of the Big Bang. XYZ and time are very small, then expand out along the time dimension. Does this expanding action stretch the spacetime? Or is it more like clearing the fog of war from the DeSitter dimensional spacetime of infinite and orthogonal dimensions. This would change what happened to the spacetime waves coming off the Big Bang itself. If spacetime stretches out into DeSitter space, then those earliest waves could have their wavelength stretched as well. But if the fog of war reveal scenario is happening then those waves should be very small. Either way, they should be homogenous as to the forward and reverse time spacetime waves. In fact all the dimensions spacetime waves from that instant should be homogenous and in both directions.

Black Hole information issue

Imagine a wave tank with one wave generator on two adjacent sides creating waves that perfectly interfere with each other in the center. If we zoom in on the center, it appears information going in does not come out. If you pan out it is clear all the information is passing through the dead space in the center. Now imagine a universe with infinite dimensions and the information going in to the black hole can pass out through reverse-time spacetime waves or through spacetime waves traveling through dimensions we are not monitoring, perhaps can't monitor.