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see the world on fire
the very sun a mere spark
fire in female form

good night for sake
with the moon bright if not full
and remembering

in quiet eyes rage
fires ready to ignite
waiting for a spark

I love it at dusk
with the pale sun and the moon
sharing the same sky

such a white hot flame
so bright it must soon burn out
fire in my veins

kestrel among them
sparrows never realize
they could defeat him

the rattlesnake knows
defeats his foes without fangs
fear is his weapon

sweet tears from heaven
dew glistens on rose petals
lips barely touching

from your lips such grace
every sound a symphony
each word a sonnet

the battle is won
the silence of good friends gone
the night comes swiftly

caught in a whirlwind
then the calm after the storm
finally insane

after the first bite
offer your ass to the wolf
and be known a fool

smell the choji oil
hear the blade slice through the air
cold grey steel turns warm

why runs the rabbit
enemies are everywhere
running keeps him safe

digging in darkness
the ray of light through the soil

senses deceive us
the world is not what it seems
darkness all around

shadows lengthen
old favors are forgotten
night has fallen

the foolish fish knows
inside the worm hides a hook
yet still must taste it

hidden in the reeds
listen to the silly frog
croaking at the snake

look at that old dog
because he isnt a sheep
he thinks hes a wolf

in the quiet time
after the terrible night
silence but no peace

burn away the man
so all that is left is hate
hate be your armor

a child with a gift
his expectations so high
doomed to disappoint

she dances in dreams
flush with the flower of youth
when love outlasts life

hasten to they end
heroes shouldnt die old men
shed blood for glory

what is he thinking?
he must know he can not win
never surrender

I cannot do it
no matter how hard I try
will this world away

the sun is shining
like the last day before war
cruel fate brought by winds

bright and distant light
like a december full moon
hides the cold darkness

like a sunny day
after horrible illnes
is it death or life?

clouds obscure the sun
in an otherwise clear sky
cool comfort of shade

the flowers in spring
awakening through the soil
how unlike autumn

like an empty house
a garden unattended
reminds me of death

many a hunter
died mis-stepping in tarpits
hare only muddy